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The Impermanent Art Floor

Why children should play with chalk, and why you probably should too

Drawing can be a great form of meditation, but it turns out that a lot of people are afraid to try and draw, and when they do they are busy worrying about not being a good enough artist rather than focusing on their actual artwork which kind of removes the mind clearing meditation like benefit all together.

Artists often like to leave their artwork around everywhere, but people new to art often end up tearing up their paper and throwing it way before they even really get started. so we were thinking, how can we get people to experience the joy of drawing, focusing on their work rather than focusing on if it is good or not? how can we give them the feeling that artists often know and love without giving them pressure?

this is how we came up with the impermanent art floor. its so simple and almost silly, but we realized right away it was perfect. a large platform on my rooftop balcony has been painted dark grey creating an open canvas for chalks. kids use chalks on the side walk, almost everyone has tried this when they were a kid. its impermanent art, it washes off with the rain, people are less afraid to make impermanent art, it does not have to be perfect, just exist.

Chalks, might be used by children, but they are also a versatile medium to use for making art. you could potentially create anything you wanted if you were a skilled artist, but everyone can enjoy using them no matter what they create. it also give the chance for people to work with a large canvas which can be very satisfying. It is 2 meters by 3 meters wide and a canvas of that size could be quite expensive, and therefor intimidating to draw on, but with the floor there is no need for hesitation, it is impermanent. the chalk spreads nicely on the

surface and is a wonderful focus point for centering our minds.

anyone can come and use the impermanent art floor without hesitations, it washes away so it does not matter what you created, its the act of creating that is important to our lives, not how good we are.

i am really excited about this super simple addition to our place. every piece of art will be impermanent, but thanks to photography we can capture an image that once existed and is now gone. you can take a photo of your art. if you allow us to take a photo of your work we would like to display each huge piece

in our library, as a little framed photograph, and create a gallery of our works, with some thoughts by the creators. these kind of things give me great joy and I hope that others can experience it as well, even if we are just playing like kids with some chalk on the ground.

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