Under an Ancient Banyan Tree

There is a sea side garden that always needs tending,

and an old wooden Thai house that shows its age and requires constant upkeep. Siravana is a labor of love and may never be completely finished,  there will always be more to do, more to improve, and care and upkeep to be done.

In this same way our programs will always evolve to create a comfortable environment and a memorable experience as we learn what works best to make our guests feel the best.

To feel a full and rewarding experience while here with us.


          freedom of creative expression

 I have wanted to create a place that I can share the things that I am most passionate about with other people and create a place where people can feel healthy and happy both physically and mentally, and also free to express their creativity in a calm and relaxing but also fun environment. 

there is an ancient banyan tree for anyone to sit under. No one has to try and reach enlightenment, there are many ways to improve ourselves, and improving ourselves doesn’t have to be such a serious thing. When we create, we improve the quality of our lives, and our own ability to be productive in whatever different lives we live. If I can properly covey this concept to people who come here I will be very happy. Relax, have fun, create, improve. I have noticed People who are doing these things are people who feel life is good.

I want to share that.

Siravana means "Brilliant Forest" In a classic form of Thai

There are a series of things we can do to  balance ourselves, each working together to shape us and make us whole. Asana for a strong body, breathing for a healthy body and a healthy mind, and meditation to keep our mind fresh and calm so we don’t get run down by our own thoughts. In combination these things truly can make us whole, by whole I mean we feel really good, mentally and physically. This makes us more efficient in our daily life.




We keep our classes small, maximum 10 students but usually 6-8. It also really helps each student get the assistance and attention that they need to grow. I had such a hard time in the beginning, being in the back of huge classes confused and trying to see what was going on, I wanted to make it so people don’t have to experience that.  So its kinda like a private yoga class with a few other people that you just don’t know yet, but the classes are small so you will know them soon. I want people to experience that.

childs pose.jpg

Our Yoga Philosophy

I like to have two teachers in every class. One teacher to silently lead the class physically to be viewed as an example and one teacher to only speak and assist the students.  This really helps me to help students of all levels continue to improve their practice and feel encouraging results.


Yoga and art can be some of the best ways to begin on a meditative journey because they help calm the mind. 

I really believe in arts and yoga as the first step. When we focus on our breath and focus our minds to truly controlling our bodies while practicing yoga our chaotic thoughts of the day slip from our minds, and our minds have a chance to rest, and to recover. The same goes for art, when we create a painting, a sculpture, or maybe make ceramics, once we become fully enveloped in the process we begin to focus our energy to the tip of the brush, or the contact between our hands and the clay.


We are living creatures after all and only in this modern life have we had the opportunity to stay alive and live totally sedentary lives in offices and in front of computers. naturally we are supposed to move. There are many arguments as to what is the best form of exercise. Yoga is an amazing and important form of exercise but here I would like to encourage the idea that mixing it up can make us feel the best.

 As Siravana grows we want the options of how we can feel healthy, enjoy ourselves and feel good to grow with us.

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Expanding our Horizons

Begin Your Journey


 Trees grow and reach a brilliant maturity and eventually grow old and rot, but with the proper environment soil and water and air they can live much longer  and stronger than others. Humans are the same. When we are born we grow until we reach a young age of maturity, and from that point on we grow old, get weaker and eventually die, and we too go back to nature, but just like the ancient temple that we care for and restore that lasts for a thousand years, if we take proper care of our bodies and minds we can last longer, and keep healthy strong minds and bodies longer than we could otherwise

 We will all go from fine to course and eventually disintegrate to dust, but it is our choice how long we last. And how truly alive  and connected we want to be while we are here. So I we do yoga. And its fun to feel good and not feel rusty.

yoga posture.jpg

Physical and Mental Restoration

Everything in Nature goes from fine to coarse. Everything starts out new, gets old and eventually disintegrates and goes back to nature. It can be in a day or a million years but it will happen.  Everything goes through this same process. Think of a beautiful building or an car,  we made these things, but they still came from nature, and they will eventually go back. 

see our retreats

Expressing our Creative Selves 




I want to make Siravana not only into a place where we can balance our minds and bodies and be healthy, but a place where people can freely express their creativity and make art. If its their first time I want them to have the feeling of the freedom it gives them to create something new, if they are an artist the openness and clear positive space to create things passionately with the help of a healthy yoga and meditation program to have sharp minds bursting with creativity and free from the daily life things that may slow down their artistic process wherever they may be coming from.

I believe even if people spend a short time tending in the garden when they look through our herbs and chose a tea to taste they will feel that connection too, and then maybe try it when they go home, growing something of their own.



we are working to make a program to help the island, it might take some time, but the goal is raising awareness of reducing plastic use on the island while increasing the rate of what gets recycled.   We live on a paradisaical island, I want to help keep it that way,help keep the waters clean and the corals and sea turtles alive.   All of these things might seem like an overly ambitious goal but we believe in this, I believe anyone can do anything they want, if they really want it enough, and really, what do we have better to do?

We are planting gardens up on the mountain, to grow Thai herbs and medicines, these things can not only be beneficial to our bodies but the activity of gardening is one of the things I have not really touched on that is a huge passion of mine, and I think anyone who has grown their own vegetables and herbs and eaten them would agree that the feeling is rewarding, healthy, and you feel really connected with the earth that helped you create this food. The same thing with herbs. Loads of people love teas, but when we have grown and harvested them with our own hands, and know that they were treated well without chemicals, and we dry them and keep them safe they feel a little more magic, a little more delicious and a little more healthy and happy. It makes me smile.

 Keeping the Natural Beauty

When my guests leave Siravana I want them to come away with not only a wonderful experience of being here, but hopefully a motivation of a kind that will allow them to continue their practice on their own, not just their yoga practice but the practice of creation. 

What We Take Away

luke and genie hammock.jpg

you don’t need to be a Yogi for Yoga to benefit your life, you don’t need to be an artist to create art.

creative endeavors can help everyone I believe in their everyday life and I want to ask that if I can show people that, that they try and do a little bit of it in their lives everyday after they leave.

Try and look at  the things you do in your daily life and see how it can be art, how you can go about it artistically.


Under an ancient Banyan tree



Siravana is not yet a perfect yogi that has achieved enlightenment, it may never be but we will always be striving to make it the best it can be for the people who come to enjoy and experience it as it is.  everyone is welcome to come and enjoy everything we can give to them and even leave a piece of themselves for this projects growth.


 At Siravana we want everyone to feel like our family, to grow together and to leave a piece of their inspiration here with us.  But although we want to feel like family we are working hard to create for you a wonderful experience with all of the pleasures of a relaxing and adventurous holiday.


 I will always do my best to build on what we can offer to any guest to come here and I welcome everyone who feels they understand my message to come and be both a guest and a little piece of this dream project.

An Open Invitation


 Koh Phangan, Moo 1, 28/1, Ban Tai, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280


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